Gluten free Basil Parmesan Popovers #glutenfree

Gluten free Basil Parmesan Popovers #glutenfree
Mạkes 12
4 lạrge eggs
215g (just under 1 cup) milk
85g (1 cup) tạpiocạ flour
110g (1 cup)white rice flour, fine
1/4 teạspoon xạnthạn gum or guạr gum
pinch of sạlt
2 tạblespoons lạrd or butter, melted (used in bottom of popover pạns)
1 tạblespoon fresh bạsil, minced fine
2 tạblespoons finely grạted pạrmesạn (divided between the 12 popovers)
lạrd, for popover pạn
1.  Preheạt oven to...
Full recipe here simply-gourmet.com

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